New Year’s Bonus. Review Of 2018

Happy New Year from 90 Minutes (Or Less) Film Fest! Welcome to our special New Year's bonus episode. 

Host Sam Clements and producer Louise Owen recap the first few months of the podcast and take a look at some of the highest grossing 90 minutes or less movies in 2018. 

Sam and Louise are also joined by some pals from the podcasting community, who share their favourite 90 minutes or less films from 2018. 

We'll be back with our next full episode later in January. 

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Hosted by @sam_clements. Produced by Louise Owen.

Guest stars Dave and Cathy (The Cinemile), Joe Cunningham (Cinematic Universe), Michael Leader (Ghibliotheque), Helen Sadler (Flixwatcher), Kobi Omenaka (Flixwatcher & The Wire Stripped), Chris Hewitt (The Empire Podcast) and Becky and Amy (And Then What?). 

Music by @martinaustwick. Artwork by @samgilbey. Edited by @lukemakestweets.

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